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A life experience degree is based on prior job experience in any field, educational achievements, Employer training, parenting, personal goals, hobbies and travel, participation in volunteer activities and community service.  Independent reading, viewing, listening, or writing and many other areas of life skills. We consider all of these when converting them to actual credits. We then turn them over to the universities for approval.
No, Our fee is the only thing you will ever be charged or asked to pay. pricing is very transparent. When you apply with us we are not only converting your life experience into credits but you are also applying for a scholarship with the university. When approved our fee is all you ever pay.
The university handles verification the same as any other university. If the company or institution requesting verification provides us with the documentation signed by you that is in compliance with federal law then the university will verify any way that is requested. Live employee or Certified transcripts being mailed, emailed, or faxed. All companies and institutions understand and know the verification process. If an individual is requesting verification the university will contact you and as long as you give them written notice that will be provided as well.
Yes, the universities are accredited. However, every accreditation agency has different standards for becoming accredited with that agency. We always advise if your degree is in need of a particular accreditation that you reach out to that company or institution prior to applying with us.
Absolutely! Life experience credits are common practice in all universities now.
No, all degrees we help you get approved for will not require any coursework and are completely life experience based.
Absolutely not! The website, degree, and transcripts look identical to any other traditional university.
You are in the university database within 24 hours ready to be verified at any time. Hard copies of your degree and transcript are sent to a commercial printer for the highest quality. for this reason the hard and official copies are mailed out twice a month on the 1st and the 15th. Expedited print and shipping can be provided if needed.

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