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Welcome to Our Alternative Achievement Programs

Executive Degrees is one of the longest-running life experience degree evaluation firms around. While many schools offer life experience degrees, most of them say “Based on life experience” on the school website.

It has always been our position that information like that should be between you and the school. The universities we represent never mention anything about life experience on the website, degrees, or transcripts. Apply with us today and you will be sent a university or a list of universities that are the best fit for you.

What you get from the Alternative Achievement Program

Quality Degrees and transcripts

Drop down should say- You will get a professionally printed degree and transcript from a commercial printer that the schools have contracts with. Quality printing is of the highest importance.

Lifetime Verification

Drop down should say- All of the universities will provide Lifetime verification of your degree or degrees. Please check out our FAQ section for a detailed description of the verification process.

Excellent Customer Service

Drop down should say- All inquires will be replied to within 24 hours both before and after the order process. We pride ourselves on being number one in customer service.


Drop down should say- With over 20 years of experience with life experience degrees, verification, and quality printing you can be certain that you are getting the best of the best.

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